Land Surveying Services

Boundary and Title Surveys
Form Board and Building Fit Surveys
Commercial and Residential Survey Platting
Metes and Bounds/ Legal Descriptions
Topographical Surveys
FEMA Elevation and Flood Certificates
Utility Easement Exhibits
ALTA/ ASCM Title Surveys
Construction As-Built Surveys
Lot Line/ Corner Staking

Construction Layout Services

Horizontal and Vertical Survey Site Control
Measurements for Structural Foundation Components
Building Corners and Grid Lines
Piers, Steel Embeds, Anchor Plates and Column Locations
Site Layout for Excavation, Paving and Utilities
Survey Monitoring for Structural Movement

Drafting Services

ALTA/NSPS 2019 Land Title Drawings
Residential/Mortgage Drawings
Boundary Drawings
As-Built Drawings
Topographic Drawings
Subdivision Drawings
Tower Drawings