Traditional Land Surveying

ALTA/NSPS for Post Construction Title Insurance
Commercial Land Platting
Metes and Bounds/ Legal Descriptions
Utility Easement Exhibits
Construction As-Built Surveys/Form Board Surveys
Data Accumulation of Topographical and UGE Utilities for Design
FEMA and FAA Certificates
3D Ground and Aerial Scanning
Aerial Photogrametry Controls and Surveys
Expert Post-Processing of Point Clouds
Interior and Exterior Building Surveys

Construction Services

High Quality Survey Site Control
Pre-Construction Data Modeling
Site Layout of Excavation, Utilities, Flatwork and Amenities
Foundation Corners and Grid Lines
High Precision Monitoring of Movement
Plan Overlays for Dimension Verification and Potential Conflicts of Site Components

Drafting Services

Commercial and Residential Title Surveys
ALTA/ACSM/NSPS Land Title Surveys
Topographicals and As-Builts
Landscape and Amenity Details
Civil, Structural, Architectural Plans, Elevations and Details
Post-Processing 3D Scan to BIM Point Clouds
Steel and Pipe Detailing

Laser Scanning Surveys

Building Exteriors and Interiors for Renovations, Retro-Fits and Additions
Plumbness Verifications
Vertical and Deformation Monitoring
Quantity Surveys of Excavation Spoils and Material Stock
Bridges, Roadways and Infrastructure
Power Plants, Substations and Tower Structures
Topographical Surveys of Land Features and Structures With Limited Access
Real-World Positioning of All Structures